Electronic cigarettes are the newest gadgets in town and are slowly replacing the traditional cigarette. Also known as e-cigarettes, these gadgets are an ingenious invention that is known to provide smokers with a better healthier alternative to smoking as compared to the traditional method of smoking. Traditional methods of smoking involved the burning of the tobacco plant directly with fire so that one can release the nicotine that addicts cigarette smokers.

E-cigarettes, especially the best brands, can be referred to in other terms like vape pipes or vape pens. The e-cigarette is gaining a lot of popularity today as compared to a decade ago due to the advantages that they offer. They are even more convenient to use and very portable. They are come in a simple cylindrical shape that resembles the traditional cigarette. Most of them are manufactured to look exactly like the traditional cigarette shape, size, color and feel. The reason is so that the smoker can still enjoy the smooth enthusiasm they get from smoking a cigarette.

Smokers are a very interesting group, and they do not enjoy deviating from the same feeling that they always get when smoking a cigarette. Though there other versions of the vape pens that do not exactly match the traditional counterpart the basic shape is the same. These versions that look a bit different are manufactured for the vape pen enthusiasts and vapor connoisseurs out there. They are also simple in shape and can be carried around just like a normal pen that you can keep in the pocket.

We can then discuss why the top electronic cigarettes are better and more efficient as compared to the traditional cig. First we need to discuss the science behind the traditional cigarette so that we can understand it better and then proceed to explain the mechanism used to create the e-cigarette.

Traditional cigarettes are made up of the tobacco plant from which the chemical substance known as nicotine is derived from. Nicotine is the substance that makes the smoker feel relaxed, and it is the one responsible for bringing an addiction. For you to extract this substance you need to use natural fire directly on the tobacco plant. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that the plant does not contain nicotine only but other chemical substances. So when you burn it directly with fire, you release these other chemical elements too. To make it worse, these other toxins will combine with other elements in the environment forming new bonds that are hard to break down. When these substances get to the environment, they cause a lot of harm and can also cause serious health issues in human beings. They are known to cause some respiratory complications and can even lead to a deadly disease like cancer.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes operate in a kind of different way. They are made of three compartments, and that is the battery, atomizer and the compartment where the cartridges are inserted. The cartridges have only nicotine that is essential for the smoker. The nicotine is packed in a liquid form which when supplied with heat energy will evaporate into a gaseous state that is in turn inhaled. The battery is responsible for supplying the heat energy. This heat energy is transferred to the atomizer through conduction where the heat and the liquid nicotine come into contact. So with the vape pipe, no direct heat is used, and only nicotine is involved in the smoking process.

That is why the e-cigarette is gaining a lot of popularity and is also being viewed as the better and healthier alternative to smoking as compared to the traditional cigarette. No extra toxins are released to the atmosphere and also to the human bodies. It is also viewed as a very good method that smokers can use to try and reduce the levels of nicotine they take every day or even stop the habit completely. This is done by the smoker reducing the amount of nicotine they consume slowly over a couple of days until they stop the habit completely. These do not produce a physical smoke that also adds to its efficiency when smoking. It is projected that in the next few years traditional cigarettes will totally be replaced by the e cig.

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