Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Are you wondering whether your ex still loves you (ex boyfriend here)? Maybe you’re not quite sure about your own feelings if you are still wondering about your ex. Either way; there are a few signs that could bring you some enlightenment. However, it’s important to note that these signs are just guidelines and there are cases where they don’t apply. But if you desperately want to know if your ex still has the hots for you then consider the following which we gathered from Magic Of Making Up.

Negative Emotions

It’s logical to think that hate is the opposite of love, but this isn’t the case. When you are not in love with someone then you are indifferent towards them. But if you notice that your ex is putting a lot of energy into hating you then they probably still have feelings for you. Seeing as you aren’t together anymore, they need to vent these feelings in a different way.

They Become Competitive

An ex that still harbors feelings for you will most likely become very competitive. Remember that they are experiencing a lot of pain and any other way they can reach you will work just fine.

Maybe they’ll try to show off with the new people they have met or brag about work, because they want to impress you.

Mixed Messages

You can also expect a loving ex to turn hot and cold at unpredictable moments. In this case, the heartache comes in the form of rather strange interactions, such as being friendly the one day and angry for the rest of the week. They are probably trying to tell you something but they don’t know how. This is covered in depth in The Magic Of Making Up.

Intoxicated Phone Call

This is one of the most well-known signs out there and it involves being intoxicated. They say that the truth really comes out when a person is drunk, so if you get these calls at 3 in the morning, it’s pretty obvious.

Crossing Boundaries

Many couples who break up have this general rule of not contacting each other, at least for a while. This makes sense, because it’s the quickest way to move on with your life. You can’t go forward if you hold on to the past.

But for some people, and maybe your ex, this boundary will be breached. They simply can’t get through the day without making contact and they lack the self-discipline to control their emotions.

Please make a note that the breaching of boundaries isn’t excluded to making contact. It could entail many other things and in the end it’s up to you to cut the final chord if necessary.

It’s important that you firmly decide what you want. Do you want your ex to still be in love with you? Do you want to get back together? If your ex is still showing signs of emotion and affection then you might be giving them the impression that the relationship still has a chance. After you figure out what you want then make it clear.

3 Ways You Can Make Up With Your Ex Boyfriend

It does not matter who broke up with whom nor why, if you want your ex boyfriend back, you can try these 3 tips to get him back. For getting your ex girlfriend back, see The Magic Of Making Up.

To begin with, it’s vital to remember that there is a reason that he is your ex boyfriend. However, if you still can’t seem to get him out of your head maybe you were too quick to break up with him or he was too quick to break up with you. A good relationship takes work on both parts and if both parties aren’t working together than there won’t be a relationship.

exback2If, after considering this information you still wish to get him back you can start out by testing the waters. Remember, you may want him back but you don’t yet know if he wants you back.

Hopefully he really misses you and this will work in your favor. While spying on him to see how things are going may seem like a good idea, it only makes you look as if you’re a stalker and can actually work against you.

To start with, you have to be better than he ever remembers you having been. This means you have to be on your best behavior and you may wish to pretty yourself up a bit more than usual. Do your hair, makeup and dress reasonably nice. You want him to do a double take and question why the two of you are no longer together.

Now you need to appear someplace that you know he frequents. It may be a favorite hangout or restaurant or bar. It might be a friends house or something similar. Take a good girlfriend along (look better than she does) and make your appearance.

Keep your appearance brief and act surprised to see him there. Smile and politely ask how he is doing. Ideally, he will do the same. If he does, you’re one step closer. Now on to the second step.

You need to apologize. It doesn’t really matter at this point if you were in the wrong or if he was, you’re going to be making the first move. Tell him you’re sorry for the way things ended. Don’t elaborate, don’t go on and on. Keep it to one simple sentence and give him a gentle light hug. If he hugs you back great, you’re on a roll. If he doesn’t or he pushes you away then you’ve likely struck out.

If he does hug you back ideally he will ask you to get together over a soda, coffee or something in the near future. Or you can initiate the first move and tell him you’d love to get together with him and tell him how things are going.

If he takes this bait you’re in the clear. Just make sure that you follow through on what you say and stay positive. Whatever you do, don’t use this as a time to badger him or tell him off.

Sustaining relationships are always hand to find, as told by The Magic of Making Up. People are often attracted to each other for some certain duration after which the relationship stars are having trouble. Some relations are for a lifetime such as marriage and maintaining them as fresh as possible is a suitable trait. When the first love is lost, the marriage can even be broken. Couples need to stay close to each other in trust and respect. This is however not done by many individuals. The outcome is then the increasing number of divorce and conflicts. Couples are always not in good terms.. The following are some tips that can help you maintain your marriage happily and working for both of you and the entire family.


Your partner requires appreciation. This is not just ones but whenever they are there for you and even for the small good deeds. This is usually a form of support and encouragement to the partners to keep on doing well. When you constantly appreciate the partners work, they can never hurt you in any way. In fact, they will look for ways to also support you. This is what is required for perfect relationships. Many people fail to complement their lovers and as a result they feel abandoned. When they get the compliments from outsiders, they seem sweet to them, and their attention is drawn to the outside. This can be dangerous for the marriages. It can lead to cheating and eventually divorce. Lovers need to appreciate each other as the people they are. This always creates a sense of recognition in the relation and hence long-lasting. Something will always be drawing your partner to do good when you constantly complement them. This is one of the key elements heard from The Magic Of Making Up Review – The Relationship Fixer.

Good communication

Communication is the essential property in a relationship besides emotions. It is the first thing that brings the partners together. Of course, the feelings are there before talking but, letting the other person know how you feel is the basis for a happy relationship. Sometimes it is even better to leave alone the house duties to just have time with your lover to just have a chart. Talking about the love you are in is not always the best thing because it can be monotonous. You can also talk about other interesting things outside marriage. Memories are one of the best things to talk about. Some could be the funny things that you once did in childhood and teenage. This helps to keep the partners involved in marriage other than being too busy for each other.

Making changes

The marriage relationships are for a lifetime. Most of the time lovers spend together. Having a single way of doing things cannot work out. It ends up making the marriage boring and monotonous. Not a single individual enjoys being bored if there is something that can cheer them up. It is not a must that you make drastic changes for a happy life. Simple methods are also applicable. This can be changing the house arrangements, going out for dinner, inviting friends for dinner and days out. These are ways to change the normal routine for something better. Whenever the partner feels like in the level of quitting, there is always a surprise for them. This will hence keep your marriage moving on smoothly.

Knowledge about lovers’ preferences

Every individual is different from the other. We all like some things while we hate others. The marriage relationship always involves two people at least. These should be open to each other to let them know about their preferences. Partners should also try and study for the things that maybe hard to their partners to say. After doing this, the partners will then try as much as possible to evade what the other one hates. On the better side, they should also do constantly what the other partner loves. Everybody is kept at a happy position. We all like happiness and if this is available in the marriage, then why run away.

There are so many other tips that help to keep marriages moving and happy. These are just but a few tips. Others include observing the partners’ emotions and adjusting appropriately. Being yourself and not lying to the lovers is the other essential qualities for a working marriage relationship.

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